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X3 Cloud Docs Automating Business

  • Intelligent Document Management for Sage X3, in the Cloud! Automatically import purchase invoices, and send documents electronically.
  • Seamlessly Integrated with Sage X3 Designed specifically for Sage X3 by expert Sage X3 developers.
  • Instant Cost Savings and Incredibly Quick ROI Instant savings on print, paper and postage. ROI shown within months.


  • Seamless integration with Sage X3
  • Fully automated Purchase Invoice creation
  • Automatically match Purchase Orders to those in Sage X3
  • Approval workflows for full accountability and removal of human error risks
  • Class leading SaaS OCR technology platform
  • Full audit trail of documents, all stored in the cloud!
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  • Send invoices directly from Sage X3
  • All outbound business documentation can be sent via email
  • Become a completely paperless business
  • Make savings on paper, printing and postage
  • Free your employees to spend time on more value-add tasks
  • Eliminate hours of rekeying data
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Customer stories

X3 Cloud Docs has already saved me hours of time, and I've only been using it for a matter of weeks!

Sunita Srivastava
Sunita Srivastava Head of Finance

The forward-looking technology is environmentally friendly as saves on the use of paper, it minimises human errors and saves time through automation with less human intervention.

Sunita Srivastava
Sunita Srivastava Head of Finance

We constantly look for software solutions to develop that will save Sage X3 customers time & money, Cloud Docs does exactly that.

Brian Martin, X3 Cloud Docs Product Author

X3 Cloud Doc Experts

Chris Schafer

Chris Schafer

Managing Director

X3 Cloud Docs has already saved my own business hours of time from the removal of manual data entry. I'm confident that the product will provide many other Sage X3 businesses with an impressive ROI in terms of resource savings.

Brian Martin

Brian Martin

Research and Development Director

After many months of hard work I am very excited to see this product released to market. We developed the product in response to our Sage X3 customers needs, so know that it fills a gap in functionality that many businesses will be able to benefit from.

Brendan Kirby

Brendan Kirby


The potential savings of X3 Cloud Docs is quite remarkable, looking at the calculations over months and years businesses stand to save a considerable amount of money and time. These resources can all be put back into your business in more valuable areas, enabling your company to grow.

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